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    The Hormone Benefits of Lady's Mantle Leaf

    by Kimberley Wright September 02, 2022 2 min read

    The Hormone Benefits of Lady's Mantle Leaf

    Never heard of Lady's Mantle Leaf?

    Well, that's all about to change.

    You see, this little herb is an absolute must for the ladies, and here's why....

    What is Lady's Mantle Leaf?

    Lady's Mantle is an herbaceous perennial plant found in Europe and Greenland. According to folklore, this plant contains magical properties.

    What are the hormone benefits of Lady's Mantle Leaf?

    Most of Lady's Mantle Leaf's actions are due to the tannins (which make up about 6-7% of the plant) and salicylates that are part of the plant's chemical makeup.

    The tannins display antihemorrhagic properties, which coupled with it's astringent ensures are helpful in reducing excessive menstrual bleeding (& also breakthrough bleeding).

    The salicylates in the plant have anti-inflammatory action, while the salicylic acid & quercetin reduce cramping & pain during menstruation.

    Another noteworthy benefit of Lady’s Mantle is its ability to regulate menstruation by stimulating the production of progesterone, which is essential not only for regular periods, but also to maintain a healthy pregnancy should conception occur.

    And during menopause, it's effect on progesterone receptors can help reduce hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety & mood swings

    I'm not sure about you, but I think this herb does seem to be pretty magical!

    Who will benefit from Lady's Mantle Leaf?

    Well, based on the above, if you have a uterus, there's at least one (if not more!) ways you can benefit from Lady's Mantle Leaf.


    Is Lady's Mantle Leaf suitable in pregnancy & breastfeeding?

    While using this herb during preconception is a fabulous idea, we don't recommend using Lady's Mantle during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


    Lady's Mantle Leaf can be found in?

    You'll find Lady's Mantle Leaf in our Secret Women's Business Blend and also our Femme Hormone Balance Blend. These are by far our favourite hormone balancing teas for women's health.


    Fun Fact:

    Lady's Mantle acquired its Latin name Alchemilla (translated as "little alchemist" or "little magical one") because it was favoured by Alchemists, who believed the droplets of water that formed on its leaves were the purest form of water – so pure that it may be able to be used to turn base metals into gold! If only.........