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    How to brew the PERFECT Sencha Green Tea

    by Kimberley Wright September 21, 2022 1 min read

    Sencha Green Tea
    Green tea has amazing health benefits, but if I had a dollar for every person that's told me they don't like the 'bitterness' of Green Tea, well, I'd have about $30!
    Thing is, Green Tea shouldn't be bitter, if it's brewed correctly.

    How to brew Green Tea:

    The bitter taste we often find is the result of the delicate leaves being burnt in water that's too hot - this means not only is the taste off, but you're also missing out on all those gorgeous antioxidants (which can help with reducing inflammation, reducing cell damage, improving skin appearance, protecting the cardiovascular system, and supporting a robust immune system.....to name just a few of their benefits).
    Follow our quick, easy tips for your next brew & the perfect cup of Sencha Green Tea:
    1. Add your loose leaf green tea to your strainer, then completely submerge in room temperature water in your mug
    2. Boil your kettle, then let it stand for 5 minutes to slightly cool
    3. Pour previously boiled & now slightly cooled water into your mug, and steep your tea for 5 minutes
    4. Remove the strainer & enjoy!
    Your Green Tea should be smooth, slightly sweet, and 100% delicious!
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