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    How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

    by Kimberley Wright December 07, 2022 2 min read

    How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

    Ok, ok, so there truly isn't a wrong way to make tea......

    But there's certainly ways that are more right than others, depending on which type of tea you're making.

    Using boiling hot water on Green or White tea leaves? Well, just....stop. You're burning the leaves, and your brew will be noticeably more bitter.

    Not letting your SLIM tea steep for the full 10 minutes? Then you're not allowing enough of the nutrients to infuse into the water.

    What makes 'tea'?

    I'm not going to get into the tea vs tisane discussion here. I'm instead interested in what it is that gives your tea it's flavour & nutrient profile - and that's Essential Oils, Amino Acids, & Polyphenols.

    Brewing temperature matters!

    The amino acids in tea are released at a much lower temperature, so using boiling water is not ideal.

    As we've already mentioned, you can also 'burn' the leaves or other inclusions in herbal teas, so be mindful of the instructions laid out for what you are brewing.

    If you don't have a way to measure the temperature of your recently boiled water (I certainly don't) I simply add a little room water temperature water to my cup, ensuring to cover the leaves of the tea, before adding boiling water. It makes a huge difference in reducing that 'bitter' taste and enhancing flavour.

    Brewing time matters!

    Just as we need to brew our tea at the right temperature for maximum nutritional benefit, we also need to brew it for the right amount of time to release all the goodness, whilst ensuring the tea is at a nice temperature to actually enjoy it.

    Use 1 tsp per serve

    With some of our infusers & strainers, there is a fair amount of room, and it's tempting to try to fill the space by adding more tea (why is that? maybe a psychologist can answer this for us!), but really, less is more.

    You want the water to be able to move freely around every morsel, allowing each leaf to completely unfurl and to release all the goodness of your tea into the water.


    And finally.....enjoy!

    Now that you've figured out how to brew the perfect cup of tea, are you ready to find the right tea for your sipping pleasure? Right this way....