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    Glow Tea Product Reviews

    by Kimberley Wright November 14, 2022 3 min read

    Glow Tea Product Reviews
     CLEANSE Tea
    What our customers say:
    "This tea is really nice, I love that it's slightly sweet"
    "I love that you can taste every ingredient in this tea!"
    "The rose petals in this tea are divine"
    I've definitely noticed a reduction in my sugar cravings since drinking this tea daily"
    'Love the Cleanse Tea!
    I bought the Cleanse Tea, it really helps me with digestion things. I have a cup before bed and it’s a great part of my winding down of a night. Plus it tastes really nice!' Kate
    'Gorgeous tea!!!
    Wow, what gorgeous teas! I do love my herbal teas and I'm always on the lookout for unique blends. A lot of businesses have the same old blends but these two blends (Slim & Cleanse) are just divine. I actually couldn't say which one I'm looking more forward to having because they are equally as lovely. ' Mel
    'I love the cleanse tea. It smells great, tastes delightful. It looks so lovely! The colour of all the ingredients mixed together. I feel good drinking this tea. It’s blended and packaged in Australia, I’m supporting an Australian owned business. 100% organic and ethically sourced. This is what I look for when I buy. It’s important to me. I have it about an hour before bed and also have it as an iced tea, lovely and refreshing on a warm day. Thanks Kimberley!' Kerry
    Mother's Milk Tea
    What our customers say:
    "This tea is amazing for mums!"
    "I don't have to worry about my supply, this tea eases my anxiety & really helps"
    "I love the feeling of warmth from this tea. It's very soothing & a great way to stop & relax with a newborn"
    "This is the best tasting breastfeeding tea I've tried!"
    'Within a few days I instantly noticed a difference in my supply, my breasts were filling up so much quicker after feeds which now has helped my supply to express more to freeze! I’ve tried a few teas from local health food shops but none compare to the results I saw with this one! Highly recommend for any mummas wanting to boost their supply and enjoy a delicious tea. 5 stars!' Sophia
    'My first time using a tea to increase milk supply - 5 stars!' Alanah
    'Best product I’ve come across for breastfeeding! Honestly, I have tried around 10 lactation products and none of them have given me the amount of milk supply your tea has given me! I love your tea - I have 1-2 cups a day. It also tastes amazing and I look forward to it everyday day 🙌🏼 Thankyou x x x' Gemma
    Sleep Like My Husband Tea
    What our customers say:
    "I just love the name!"
    "This tea is absolutely lovely!"
    "The kids will love this one (and so will we!)"
    "I love my Sleep Like My Husband tea, I drink it every evening. It really helps me drift off to sleep, and stay asleep"
    'I just wanted to touch base with you regarding my recent purchases. In our household we are prioritising and selecting Organic and Whole Foods choosing a healthier way of life, your tea selections meet all of our criteria (No bad stuff). My favourite is “Sleep like my husband” normally not a tea drinker I am loving the nightly ritual of taking time out for myself to enjoy the moment to relax before bed. The lovely mild flavours and fresh aroma of the lavender helps me wind down and I am certainly sleeping so much better. Your teas will certainly be my “go to gift” I have friends that I know would truly appreciate and love the benefits and flavours of your teas' Mandy
    Secret Womens Business Tea
    What our customers say:
    "I love the soft, gentle flavour"
    "I really enjoyed this tea! Tasted great!"
    "Oooh this would be fab as an iced tea, too"
    "I can smell the cinnamon, and taste the raspberry. Delicious!"
    Pure Peppermint Tea
    What our customers say:
    Will be hard to beat this one. It tastes and smells like heaven. Leaves my stomach feeling so happy and well. Can’t recommend this enough' Page