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    A Note From Kim: The Origins of Glow Tea

    by Kimberley Wright June 06, 2023 3 min read

    A Note From Kim: The Origins of Glow Tea

    Welcome, Friend!

    It feels like a little while since I really introduced myself and shared the origins of Glow Tea & the driving force behind it.

    If you didn’t already know, Glow Tea was born out of a vision I had many moons ago, when I was cradling my first baby (my son Isaac). I was feeling completely overwhelmed, out of my depth, and battling debilitating PNA (Post Natal Anxiety).

    If you haven’t experienced Anxiety, or PNA, it’s really hard to imagine how it could impact every single aspect of your life. For me, it felt like no matter where I was, no matter what I was doing, I was living under a little black cloud whilst simultaneously balancing on a threadbare tightrope. 

    My body felt there was danger around every corner; my mind constantly jumping to the worst case scenario.

    Relaxing? Well, that felt almost impossible.

    My love of herbal tea was really cemented in this newborn haze of days melting into one, navigating these issues that plagued me. 

    Hubby would ask the simple question, 'Cuppa?' and it was the only time I would start to feel my whole body start to relax. 

    The bubble, then squeal of the kettle signaled a 10 minute break from the monotony, the worry, and a chance to put my feet up & talk to hubby (aka. another adult!!) for usually the first time that day. 

    Offloading my troubles and sharing the mental load. My anxieties would somewhat ease.

    I also turned to tea (& oils!) at this time to help me get some much needed sleep.

    I mean really, is there anything worse than already being sleep deprived with a new babe, to then lay there, eyes wide open, hearing noises that surely need to be investigated when you do, finally, get that chance to sleep? To feel your heart beating out of your chest & your mind filled with worry?

    I became accustomed to my nightly cup of Sleep tea……but after a few months of this routine, I was absolutely horrified to find this particular (very popular) brand of tea topped the list of the most highly sprayed teas. Yep, nothing beats a large side of pesticides with your evening cuppa!

    It may sound extreme, but I actually felt betrayed.

    I’d found something that helped me, that should have been healthy – like, honestly, why you gotta go & do me like that?!

    I laugh about that now, but It’s what led me in the path to creating Glow Tea.

    We all have enough on our plates, do we really need to investigate every singleitem we use, to know if it’s reallygood for us?

    That’s why I vowed to create a brand that only provided organic teas.

    No added flavours, No colours, no….nothing.

    I wanted my people (that’s you, gorgeous!) to know that they could buy my teas and know they were getting quality, healthy, natural & organic products. No need to read labels or stress about what's hidden in there. 

    Fast forward to now, and I have a gorgeous range of 17 100% organic teas for you (check them out here).  And my daily cuppa (or 4) remains my time to Stop. Rest. Reset. 

    10 minutes of me-time. 

    I hope your cup of our delicious teas bring the same comfort & relaxation time to you, too!

    Kim x

    Ps. Want to see  what I created (organic, natural & 100% good for you) as my personal alternatives for supporting restful sleep & easing anxiety? Have a look at our sleep range here.