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    Women's Period Support Bundle


     Period Support Bundle

    The ultimate in cycle self-care, this is the bundle every woman needs to tackle that time of the month.

    This bundle has been curated with our favourite products for reducing PMS, anxiety and stress, whilst incorporating analgesic (pain relief) herbal remedies. You'll also find a collection of specially selected herbs that support hormonal balance and regular cycles. Every aspect of your monthly cycle has been considered in the selection of this bundle.

    Period Support Bundle Includes:

    • Secret Women's Business 60g natural period support tea | 40 Serves
    • WOMAN Essential Oil Roller Blend 10ml
    • Crystal tea strainer  - choose from Amethyst or Rose Quartz in either a heart shape or point

    Why you'll love this tea:

    This tea is smooth and slightly sweet (thanks to the inclusion of a little dried dragonfruit), with a gentle floral flavour. Honestly - it's delish! The inclusion of rosehip granules helps provide some much needed iron to replenish the body's stores, whilst the ginger root, raspberry leaf & stinging nettle leaf help reduce painful cramping & provide some pain relief.

    The inclusion of Lady's Mantle leaf will help regulate your period, in both duration & flow, and the lemongrass has been shown to help with PMS & Mood swings.

    This tea is a game changer & something we feel we all need in our period support care kit.

    Why you'll love this oil:

    Our woman oil is not only a divine natural perfume, it's been specially crafted to support hormonal balance & reduce PMS, painful cramping & other unpleasant period symptoms.

    This divine feminine oil has base notes of frankincense & sandalwood, middle notes of patchouli & vanilla, and top notes of rose, geranium & bergamot. A sophisticated blend with multiple layers, we love to apply this to our neck & wrists daily as a perfume, and apply to our abdomen in the few days before our period & through our period. 

    Why you'll love this crystal tea strainer:

    If there's any time you need a little extra love, it's during your period! These crystal strainers are just beautiful, we love the fact they add that little bit extra to each & every cup. Choose from Amethyst or Rose Quartz, in either a point or classic heart shape.

    Buying the period support bundle as a gift?  Be sure to add a personalised Hand -written card - FREE Until Mother's Day. 

    Save 15% with this bundle

    A 10 minute ritual for supported periods:

    Infuse 1 heaped teaspoon of tea in a cup of freshly boiled water for 10 minutes.

    As your tea infuses, take a wheat pack & warm it in the over or microwave.

    Apply our Woman essential oil in a circular motion around across your abdomen, as well as on your wrists & neck.

    Make yourself super comfy on the lounge with your oils, heat pack on your back, and brewed tea in hand. Perhaps with a square or two of Lindt dark chocolate, too ;)

    Sit, sip & relax.

    Secret Women's Business Tea -
    Lady’s mantle leaf*, rosehip granules*, raspberry leaf,* lemongrass*, dragon fruit*, nettle*, ginger root*.

    Woman Essential Oil -
    Fractionated coconut oil*, patchouli oil*, bergamot oil*, sandalwood oil*, geranium oil*, ylang ylang oil*, copaiba oil*, vitex oil, clary sage oil*, jojoba oil, vetiver oil*, vanilla oleoresin, rose flower oil.

    * Organic.

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