Secret Women's Business Period Tea Duo

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Dark Pink
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Period Tea & Strainer Duo

60g  |  40 Serves

This duo is the perfect gift for anyone that struggles through that time of the month.

Help them out with this divine period tea that includes delicious herbs that have been used to:

  • Reduce menstrual cramps & associated pain
  • Regulate the timing& heaviness of menstruation
  • Support healthy hormone balance, to reduce feelings of PMS

Secret Women's Business is the ultimate period support - a slightly sweet, smooth brew with light, floral notes.

How to Brew:

Bring this incredible blend of herbs alive by infusing 1 teaspoon of Secret Women's Business Period Tea in 1 cup of freshly boiled water for at least 10 minutes. 

Brewing for 10 minutes allows all the beneficial essential oils & phytonutrients to properly infuse into the water, ready for your drinking pleasure :)

Why you'll love this duo:

This delicious tea with a handy, easy to use & easy to clean strainer, just the right size for a single serve?  What more could you want?!

We're huge fans of the silicone & stainless steel leaf shaped tea strainer.  Available in 8 gorgeous colours, choose the right one to suit your mood and enjoy!