Mother's Milk Breastfeeding Tea Duo

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Dark Pink
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Lactation Tea & Strainer Duo

70g  |  40 Serves

This delicious brew has been specially formulated to support new mothers in their lactation journey.  A blend of effective herbs used traditionally to support breast milk production.

How to Brew this Lactation Tea:

Bring these amazing herbs alive by brewing 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of boiled water for at least 10 minutes.

Drink 2-3 cups per day for great quality & quantity of breast milk supply.

How this tea can help boost your breast milk supply:

This delicious tea includes herbs used traditionally to improve both the quality & quantity of breastmilk. Many of these herbs, including fenugreek seed, fennel seed, red raspberry leaf, stinging nettle leaf & aniseed are known as galactogoues, meaning "milk forming".

This tea is:

  • 100% organic, loose leaf tea
  • Proudly Australian owned & made
  • Packaged in recyled, biodegradable, and recyclable packaging
  • Award winning blend
  • Naturally caffeine free

Paired with a cute leaf shaped silicone & stainless steel strainer, you're ready to start enjoying your tea straight away!

*Please don't drink hot tea while holding / nursing your gorgeous babe! Hot tea can scald your baby if spilled.