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    Nursing Tea Bundle


    Natural Nursing Tea Bundle

    We know being a new mum can feel difficult, all-consuming & relentless sometimes.

    Let us take care of keeping your physical & emotional health on track, and free your mind for enjoying motherhood (and not stressing about your milk supply).

    Our natural nursing tea bundle contains the best breastfeeding tea {honestly, check out our reviews!}, formulated to increase breastmilk naturally, plus a divine essential oil blend to bring a little calm to your newly chaotic world, and the most gorgeous crystal tea strainer, because, well, you deserve pretty things mama!

    The perfect bundle to bring some much needed zen.

    Buying this as a gift? You're bound to be elevated to BFF / Godmother status STAT! Don't forget to add a personalised Hand -written card!

    Natural Nursing Tea Bundle Includes:

    • 'Mothers Milk' 70g Breastfeeding Support Tea Blend | 40 Serves
    • MAMA Essential Oil Roller Blend 10ml
    • Crystal tea strainer - choose from Amethyst or Rose Quartz in a heart or point shape

    Benefits of Mother's Milk Natural Nursing Tea:

    This organic herbal tea is a great way to help support healthy & nutritious breastmilk supply. The hero ingredient -Fenugreek- has been used traditionally as a galactogogue (a fancy word for anything that increases milk supply).

    Paired with further galactogogues fennel, milk thistle, stinging nettle, red raspberry & aniseed, this blend will also help settle bub's tummy, thanks to the addition of mandarin peel, alfalfa leaf & caraway seed.

    This blend is delicious both hot & iced, making it perfectly enjoyed in both the warmr & cooler months.

    Benefits of Mama Calming Essential Oil Blend:  

    This divine blend of organic essential oils offers floral notes of geranium with crisp, fresh citrus notes. A blend crafted for emotional support and relaxation, both you and your babe will benefit from this calming, yummy blend.

    Apply to your neck, wrists, and chest as needed. Inhale deeply & reap the benefits.

    Benefits of Crystal Tea Strainers:

    These strainers are both gorgeous & easy to use. Simply add 1tsp of your favourite tea or blend, and once brewed, rinse & wash the strainer section in warm soapy water (keep the crystal dry if possible).

    Buying as a gift? Add a personalised hand-written card - FREE Until Mother's Day!

    You save 15% with this Bundle

    Your 10 minute daily ritual for an abundant milk supply & relaxed mama:

    Infuse 1 heaped teaspoon of tea in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups per day

    Roll your MAMA essential oil blend roller across your wrists & behind your ears. Take a long, slow inhale as you let the oils calm & relax you.

    Cradle your rose quartz strainer in your hand as your tea brews and let any anxiety, guilt or negativity drift away.

    Enjoy your 10 minutes sipping your tea and relax.

    Mother's Milk Tea -
    Fenugreek seed*, fennel seed*, red raspberry leaf*, stinging nettle leaf*, milk thistle seed*, mandarin peel*, aniseed*, caraway seed*, alfalfa leaf*.

    Mama Essential Oil -
    Coconut oil*, orange oil*, bergamot oil*, lavender oil*, geranium oil*, frankincense oil*, palmarosa oil*

    * Organic

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