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    Mama Essential Oil Blend

    "This oil is so calming & relaxing. I'm loving using it in place of perfume, especially while I'm breastfeeding my little one!"- Rachel

    Calming Blend

    Essential Oil Blend 10ml

    We know you find being a new mum stressful sometimes, and this distinctive calming blend of essential oils has been crafted for YOU -  to bring some zen to your life.

    Say 'Hell Yes!' to a new paradigm;  be the mama that WILL take care of her own needs, create some calm, and spoil yourself with a little every day pick me up.

    Top notes of orange & bergamot with a base of Frankincense.

    This essential oil blend is:

    • 100% organic
    • Handcrafted in Australia
    • Cruelty-free
    • No added preservatives
    • No Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs

    Pair your Mama essential oil blend with our Mother's Milk- Organic Breastfeeding Teafor a little 'me-time' & nourishment each day.

    Benefits of Mama Essential Oil Blend:

    Bergamot: used traditionally to combat PND, bergamot oil is said to encourage self acceptance, clearing away self judgement.

    Orange: a joyful, uplifting scent, it may be useful for increasing energy & mood on little sleep.

    Lavender: known as an antidepressant & sedative, lavender may reduce feelings of anxiousness & bring calm

    Geranium:  a sedative & nerve tonic, this oil just may be perfect for reducing the stress felt by new mums.

    Palmarosa: for mood support in times of emotional vulnerability, stress & nervous exhaustion.

    Frankincense: enhances the calming & sedative effects of other oils when combined. May help alleviate depression.

    *For external use only *

    *Orange & Bergamot oils may cause photosensitivity, avoid direct sunlight*

    Roll your MAMA essential oil blend roller across your wrists & behind your ears. Take a long, slow inhale as you let the oils calm & relax you. Reapply as needed.

    Coconut oil*, orange oil*, bergamot oil*, lavender oil*, geranium oil*, frankincense oil*, palmarosa oil*

    * Organic.

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    This oil is so calming & relaxing. I'm loving using it in place of perfume, especially while I'm breastfeeding my little one!


    Oils are best stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

    Our Digest, Immune, Sleep & Mama oils are safe to use during pregnancy. 

    All our essential oil blends are safe to use whilst breastfeeding. 

    Don't apply these oils to areas that will be in direct sunlight for an extended period, as they may increase your risk of sunburn.

    Organic Immune essential oil blend for natural immune support by Glow Tea