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    Immune Boost Ultimate Tea Bundle

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    Immune Boost Ultimate Tea Bundle

    The ultimate organic tea bundle for supporting the immune system, fighting off bugs & keeping yourself fit, well & healthy!

    What's included in the Immune Boost Ultimate Tea Bundle?

    • Fighting Fit Organic Immune Support Tea 100g | 40 Serves
    • Immune Elixir Organic Tea  80g | 450 Serves
    • Peppermint Organic Tea 30g | 40 Serves
    • FREE Silicone & Stainless Steel Leaf Shaped Tea Strainer

    Why you'll love this Bundle?

    The Immune Boost Ultimate Tea Bundle includes our favourite teas for supporting a healthy immune system, including herbs used traditionally to ward off illness & reduce recovery times. 

    With potent antiviral, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, Peppermint is a great tea for helping your body fight off illness and get you back to feeling great faster. 

    Fighting Fit - designed to not only help you ward off illness, but to reduce the associated inflammation that comes as part of this process, drinking this tea when you're feeling under the weather will help you recover more quickly & feel better, sooner.

    Immune Elixir is our dimple & effective Immune Boosting OG. A delicious & effective blend of organic lemongrass & ginger, this tea will remind you of your grans home remedies that always worked. 

    How to Enjoy the Immune Boost Ultimate Tea Bundle:

    You can enjoy these teas at any time, but we recommend:

    • 1 Cup of Peppermint Tea in the morning
    • 1 Cup of Fighting Fit Tea at lunchtime
    • 1 Cup of Immune Elixir in the evening

    About our teas:

    Hand blended here in Australia, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality tea for improving your health & wellbeing. All our teas are 100% organic & free from chemicals, plastics, or any other nasties.