Glow Up Skin Tea Duo

Strainer Colour
Dark Pink
Light Pink

Glow Skin Tea & Strainer Duo

85g  | 40 Serves

This Glow Skin tea & strainer duo is the perfect stocking stuffer or teachers gift.

You'll love the full-bodied flavour of this divine blend, which is warm, sweet & spicy. But you'll love the way this blend helps brighten your skin, giving you a fresh, clear & glowing complexion even more.

A blend of organic herbs known to support collagen production, reduce skin inflammation, and clear blemishes.

How to Brew:

Bring this amazing skin tea alive by infusing 1 teaspoon in a cup of freshly boiled water in your leaf shaped tea strainer for 3-5 minutes. Remove the strainer, then sit, sip & enjoy!

We recommend enjoying 2 cups per day for a bright, glowing, fresh complexion.