Fighting Fit Immune Support Bundle


Immune Tea Bundle

The ultimate immune tea bundle for better health and vitality, naturally!

This bundle has been curated with our families 'Must-Haves' for curbing colds, flu, & all the dreaded daycare lurgies!

Immune Tea Bundle includes:

  • Fighting Fit 100g Organic Loose Leaf Tea  | 40 Serves
  • Immune Essential Oil Roller Blend 10ml
  • Crystal Tea Strainer in Amethyst or Rose Quartz - choose from heart shape or point

Why you'll love this tea:

Fighting Fit is a fresh, sweet & minty take on health & vitality. Utilising some of the best herbs for helping our bodies launch it's own effective counter attack to illness, you'll love the depth of flavour & fresh citrus hints.

Featuring antimicrobial herbs (ginger, cinnamon, liquorice root), this tea also aims to support the respiratory system thanks to it's inclusion of spearmint & liquorice root. Linseed & Orange peel provide anti-inflammatory properties, helping the body to 'clean house' following illness.

Why you'll love this oil:

"Fresh, zesty & warm" are three words we would use to describe this oil. With top notes of orange, fused with the freshness of spearmint, sitting on the warm undertones of cinnamon, frankincense & cedarwood -  the scent of this oil is truly divine.

These oils have been chosen not just for scent, but to provide real support to your natural immune defences. 

Cedarwood, orange & cinnamon provide potent antiviral & antimicrobial properties, while spearmint is a fantastic support to the respiratory system. Frankincense, also known as the King of Oils, has been used traditionally for fevers & for relive from respiratory conditions. Apply this oil to wrists, neck & chest, then inhale deeply to reap the full benefits.

Why you'll love this strainer:

Do we really need a reason to have a gorgeous crystal strainer? It's basically jewellery for your mug,  to elevate your tea drinking ritual. You 100% deserve it!

Available in Amethyst & Rose Quartz, choose from the classic heart shape or our newest addition - the point.

Buying the Immune Support Bundle as a gift? Why not add a personalised Hand -written card!

Save 15% with this bundle.

Create the perfect 10 minute wellness ritual:

Bring these incredible herbs alive by infusing 1-2 heaped teaspoons of tea in your leaf tea strainer, for 5 minutes. (Drink 2 cups per day for optimal health, 3 cups if you're already feeling under the weather).

Roll your Immune essential oil blend on wrists, neck and chest.

Stop, and inhale. Relax. Enjoy.

Fighting Fit Tea -
Linseed*, sencha green tea*, spearmint leaf*, ginger pieces*, cinnamon pieces*, liquorice root*, orange peel*, elderflower*

Immune Essential Oil -
Coconut oil*, cedarwood oil*, orange oil*, frankincense oil*, spearmint oil*, cinnamon leaf oil*

* Organic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Liana P.
Glow Tea ❤️

Great value bundle and delicious tea!

Thanks for your review Liana! So glad you enjoyed your tea :)

Erin R.
The perfect gift

I recently purchased the Fighting Fit bundle for three reasons: 1. Being a student Naturopath, I knew that the combination of herbs used in the tea were exceptional, and would be incredibly beneficial for anyone with a compromised immune system, 2. The tea, gorgeous strainer and essential oil together was really good value, and 3. I wanted to support a local small business.
My friend absolutely LOVED her gift, and has since told me that she loves the taste of her tea. 💖

Oh Erin we're so glad your friend loved the gift! And that you know all about the herbs - now that's an endorsement! Thank you, lovely :)