Femme Hormone Tea Duo

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Femme Hormone Tea & Strainer Duo

65g  | 40 Serves

Femme Hormone Tea is a divine blend of organic herbs that support you through perimenopause & menopause by supporting healthy oestrogen & progesterone levels. 

This blend is gentle, floral & a balance of sweet & tart.

Benefits of Femme Hormone Tea:

  • Improves progesterone levels, which may reduce perimenopausal symptoms including hot flashes, irritability & mood swings
  • Helps balance female hormone levels
  • Rosehip granules provide iron, which can improve feelings of fatigue

How to Brew:

Make this delicious tea by adding 1 teaspoon to a strainer & steeping in 1 cup of freshly boiled water for 5 minutes. (We recommend not steeping for longer than 5 minutes, because the Chasteberry, despite being the star ingredient in this hormone tea, can make the tea a tad bitter when over-brewed).

Remove the strainer & enjoy!

We recommend 2-3 cups per day to see maximum benefit.

Why you'll love this duo:

This cute strainer makes it easy to enjoy this beautiful loose leaf hormone tea with no mess. Sit on the lounge, sip & enjoy!