Dreamweaver Sleeping Tea Duo

Strainer Colour
Dark Pink
Light Pink

Dreamweaver Sleeping Tea & Strainer Duo

60g  | 40 Serves

This dreamy sleeping tea is a delicious way to relax and unwind, and encourage the best night sleep you've had in decades.

With warm, floral notes layered with sweet citrus, this tea is smooth & thoroughly enjoyable.

Benefits of Dreamweaver Sleeping Tea:

This tea has been formulated to harness the calming, sedative properties of chamomile, the relaxing benefits of lavender & lemon balm, with the sweet citrus flavour (and accompanying antioxidants) of orange segments.

A truly well balanced blend, this tea is perfect for anyone that doesn't love the taste of chamomile on it's own, whilst still being pregnancy, breastfeeding & child-friendly.

How to Brew:

Bring this incredible tea alive by brewing 1 tsp in 1 cup of freshly boiled water for 5 minutes.  Enjoy 1-2 cups after dinner, or any time you need to unwind.

Why we love this duo:

This leaf strainer is super cute, making it a fantastic gift and the perfect way to let your loved one enjoy premium quality loose leaf tea without the mess.

We recommend this as an end of year teachers gift or stocking stuffer.