Crystal Tea Strainer


Crystal Tea Strainer

The benefits of a gorgeous natural crystal mingled with your favourite herbal tea infusion, what could be better!

These gorgeous crystal tea strainers are for the lovers, the dreamers, and the beauties that simply deserve that little something extra :)

Each crystal is a unique gift from the earth.

Use your love heart crystal tea strainer to set your intention as you cradle your favourite tea and take some time for you.


Amethyst is a natural calming stone, a deep purple & colour, and believed to have relaxing & sedative properties. Use your amethyst crystal tea strainer to support healthy sleep habits, alleviate sadness & grief, and to navigate feelings of anger, anxiety, negativity & irritability.

Our favourite tea & amethyst crystal tea strainer pairings:

Dreamweaver, Sleep Like My Husband, Chamomile, Peppermint, Cleanse.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a  beautiful purifying stone that supports unconditional love, self-love, friendship, and heart healing.  The stone itself is generally a light pink in colour, but the depth & opacity of this colour can vary from stone to stone. Use your rose quartz crystal tea strainer to dispel negativity, fear, and to help release emotional blockages.

Our favourite tea & rose quartz crystal tea strainer pairings:

Mother's Milk, Femme, Secret Women's Business, Raspberry Leaf,  Glow Up, Blue Butterfly Pea.

* Please note - due to the nature of crystals, the size, exact shape, colour & opacity of every crystal varies. No two are the same, making every single strainer just as unique as you are!

Hand made from stainless steel & natural polished crystals, every strainer is unique.

Hand wash in warm soapy water.

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