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    Our consciously slow start to 2023

    by Kimberley Wright January 24, 2023 3 min read

    Our consciously slow start to 2023

    And how you can incorporate some of my favourite practices into your life....


    Hey friend, Kim here.

    First, let me say thank you for your support throughout 2022, every purchase, every review, every like, every comment - it's all helped to grow this beautiful little brand of mine.

    But, I have to admit, being in business can be tiring at times, especially when you have 3 littles to keep alive (and hopefully, happy) alongside a growing biz! So I took a little time off over Christmas and have been slowly easing my way back into working mum life through January.

    Today is the first day all my kids have been at either school or daycare since early December; it's the first day I can hear myself think, and the first I feel like I can fully breathe. 

    I  mean, I adore my kids, but today everything just feels that much.........lighter.

    Can you relate??

    Feeling overwhelmed and needing to stop & take stock these past few weeks has made me so grateful for some of the practices I have {re-} incorporated into my life these past few months, and I wanted to share them with you

    Starting the day with exercise

     Morning Exercise
    Getting back into a routine has really helped me feel centred and 'on-top' of life.
    I personally love moving my body & getting my exercise in early these days. I have better focus & mental clarity on the days I work out early, plus my motivation & time can't get waylaid that way.

    Also,  I don't know about you, but since turning 40 I just can't work out at night - the cortisol increase keeps me awake and I can't calm down enough before bed time! 😂

    Replacing coffee with tea

    I used to be a 1 coffee a day girl (along with loads of herbal tea), but in recent years I've found my anxiety creeping back in. Despite only 1 coffee each morning, I also struggled to fall asleep & stay asleep. A bad combo when you also have kids that wake through the night & an absolutely full plate during the day.
    I went cold turkey on the coffee and replaced it with either a Cheeky Cuppa English Breakfast Tea or Sencha Green Tea.
    I experienced only slight headaches for a few days and feeling a little more tired in the afternoon.  Making myself move my body again (even if just for 20 squats or a short walk) helped me work past that afternoon slump, and now I feel so much better.

    Less anxiety, and I'm falling sleep faster than before.


    Diffusing essential oils in the home daily

    Diffusing Essential oils 
    I've been using essential oils for years now, but it's one of those things I can get out of the habit of using daily.
    I love using my Glow Tea Essential roll-ons as my natural perfume each day, but also having a diffuser to disperse gorgeous oils through your home is like nothing else - it truly makes your home so inviting & calm.

    It's just the vibe of the thing, it's all part of it 😁

    Reading before bed

     Reading a book before bed
    Dan & I have gradually stopped watching the news each evening, and after getting the kids to bed in place of TV and a mug of Sleep Like My Husband most nights, I've turned to reading books with my tea instead.  
    I absolutely adored reading as a kid, and since having my own kids I can count on one hand how many books (other than textbooks) I've read.....with most of them being in the past few months.
    There's nothing quite like getting lost in a good book, and this has helped with my sleeping, which in turn has increased my overall happiness.
    Which changes will you make in your routine to live a conscious, happy & healthy 2023?