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    Ginger and Lemongrass: The best Immune Support Tea

    by Kimberley Wright July 18, 2023 3 min read

    Ginger and Lemongrass: The best Immune Support Tea

    Are you a Lemongrass & Ginger Fan?  Here at Glow Tea HQ we certainly think it's the best immune support tea (especially at this time of year!), and here's a few reasons why

    1. Ginger:

      An immune boosting rockstar.......

    a) Kicks inflammation to the curb:

    Ginger packs a punch with its anti-inflammatory powers. Containing powerful gingerols which help fight off chronic inflammation, which can drag down your immune system. Take that, pesky inflammation!

    b) Antioxidant extravaganza:

    Free radicals, watch out! Ginger is loaded with antioxidants that go on a superhero mission to save your cells from their damaging clutches. With ginger by your side, you can say goodbye to oxidative stress and give your immune system a well-deserved break.

    c) The happy tummy dance:

    A healthy gut is a happy immune system. And guess what? Ginger is like a cheerleader for your digestive system. It helps ease nausea, bloating, and indigestion, ensuring your gut is running like a well-oiled machine. High-fives all around!

    d) Cold and flu superhero:

    When the sniffles and coughs start invading your life, ginger steps in as your trusty sidekick. Its expectorant properties help clear out that stubborn mucus and relieve congestion. Plus, it brings the heat to warm you up and get that blood flowing.

    1. Lemongrass:

      Get ready for a burst of flavor and some immune-boosting awesomeness:

    a) Vitamin C on steroids:

    Move over, oranges! Lemongrass is here to steal the vitamin C spotlight. Packed with this immune-boosting vitamin, lemongrass revs up your white blood cells to battle it out with those nasty infections and keep your immune system in top form. Who needs a cape when you have lemongrass?

    b) Detox central:

    Sometimes, our bodies need a little spring cleaning. That's where lemongrass comes to the rescue! It's a detox powerhouse that helps flush out toxins and supports a healthy liver. By lightening the load on your body, lemongrass indirectly gives your immune system a much-needed break.

    c) Bye-bye, bad bacteria:

    Lemongrass comes prepared with essential oils that act like ninja warriors against bacteria and fungi. It's like having your own personal bodyguard against harmful pathogens. With lemongrass on your side, you can strut your stuff, knowing you're protected from those pesky troublemakers.

    d) Stress? Not on our watch:

    Stress has no place in your immune system's happy party. Lemongrass steps in as your chill pill. Its calming properties help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation, giving your immune system the peace it deserves. Hello, zen mode!

    Incorporating Ginger and Lemongrass Into Your Diet: Now that we've unraveled the superpowers of ginger and lemongrass, let's explore some fun and tasty ways to bring them into your life:

    1. Tea time adventures: Brew yourself a tasty & invigorating cup of Immune Elixir tea. It's like a party in your teacup and we honestly believe it's the best immune supporting tea there is!

    2. Culinary escapades: Spice up your soups, stews, and stir-fries with a generous dash of Immune Elixir tea. Your taste buds will do the happy dance while your immune system high-fives you.

    3. Smoothie shenanigans: Add a cup of brewed then cooled Immune Elixir tea  into your favorite smoothie or juice recipes. It's like adding a secret ingredient that amps up the flavor and gives your immune system an extra boost. Cheers to health!

    Who knew that ginger and lemongrass could pack such an immune boosting punch!

    With their powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and digestive support properties, ginger and lemongrass are the perfect dynamic duo.

    So, let your taste buds go wild, embrace their zesty flavors, and give your immune system the love and support it deserves. Let's spice up our health journey and enjoy the ride!

    Grab yourself our Immune Elixir Tea, or support your health on all fronts with our curated Immune Support Bundle!