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    Essential Oils for Sleep and Anxiety

    by Kimberley Wright July 11, 2023 2 min read

    Essential Oils for Sleep and Anxiety

    Ever craved sleep so much your body (and mind) ache for it?

    I think all new parents have.  It’s one of those universally relatable things.

    And yet, what many can’t relate to is craving, no, actually needing this sleep so bad, but then when the opportunity arises, being completely, totally, 100% unable to do it.

    To turn off the worrying mind, the anxiety, and the just let the sweet seep train roll on in.

    After my second babe was born – this became a huge issue. And it wasn’t just me suffering.

    Seems that with Isla, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    If I thought I was a terrible sleeper, well, Isla was next level.

    I struggled with sleep at the best of times, and now here was a little one that needed sleep even more than I did, but boy did she fight it at every. Single turn. (I’m not even going to talk about Ruby – what I thought was bad with Isla turned into something of nightmares with Ruby…..but that’s a story for another time ;)

    When Isla was about 8 months old….my sanity a distant memory…..I was introduced to essential oils.

    I’ll never forget the first night I tried Vetiver in the diffuser.

    Holy WOW.

    We all slept!

    The whole night through.

    Had we found the holy grail?  We thought so.

    Over the coming months we experimented with different mixes to find the perfect  blend of essential oils for sleep and anxiety, and we created the exact same recipe you see in our Sleep essential oil blend now (you can check it out here).

    So which are the best essential oils for sleep and anxiety?

    We have them all included in our Sleep Blend......

    Vetiver oil - a calming, grounding oil with sedative properties, this oil will help even the most wired amongst us calm down, bringing on restful sleep

    Cedarwood oil - another potent sedative, combined with vetiver & you have yourself a magic sleep potion!

    Lavender oil - known to balance the body & soothe the nervous system

    Sandalwood oil - a calming sedative & nerve tonic, thought to help reduce the feeling of fear.

    The best part? This blend is made with 100% organic oils, sourced from Australia.

    I’ve found pairing this oil with either our Sleep Like My Husbandor Dreamweaver organic sleep support teas forms the a perfect wind down routine ahead of the most blissful night sleep. 

    If you’re struggling with a good night sleep, you have definitely got to try this oil (& these teas!).

     PS.Dreamweaver blend is perfect for kids, pregnant & breastfeeding mamas.