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    Digestive Essentials Bundle


    Digestive Essentials Bundle

    Have you been feeling gassy? Bloated?  Uncomfortable? Or suffering from painful indigestion?

    Then this gorgeous trio of our 100% organic peppermint loose leaf tea, Digest essential oil blend, and Crystal tea strainer are just what you need.

    Peppermint tea has been used for centuries to calm an unhappy tummy and digestive system - consumed regularly it can help reduce gas formation, relax the smooth muscle of the intestinal wall and provide comfort & relief (there's a reason peppermint oil is used in many IBS remedies!).

    Whether we've overindulged or are just a little out of whack, the digestive essentials bundle has been curated to get you back to feeling like you & your tummy are on the same side again.

    Featuring our favourite digestion supports, the Digestive Essentials Bundle includes:

    • Peppermint Tea 30g | 35 Serves
    • Digest Essential Oil Blend
    • Crystal tea strainer - choose from Amethyst or Rose Quartz, heart shaped or point

    Why you'll love this Digestive Support Bundle:

    When we're not feeling our best, a fast, natural solution is high on the priority list for many of us, and this 100% organic peppermint loose leaf tea definitely ticks that box. Boasting antispasmodic properties (meaning it relaxes the smooth muscle of the digestive tract), allowing trapped food, air & liquids to pass, you're going to love the soothing nature & cooling fresh mint flavour of Peppermint Tea. Safe to drink every day, we love enjoying our after meals. Equally delicious hot or as an iced tea (perfect for the summer months).

    How the Digest Essential Oil Blend can help you:

    Carefully crafted with a blend of oils that help relax the digestive tract, reduce gas formation, relieve and support the digestion process, this oil is your ticket to a calm, happy, soother tummy. Apply to your abdomen after meals or any time your tum needs a little TLC. Safe to use on your little's, this oil has a fresh uplifting scent with hints of mint & citrus.

    Why you'll love this crystal tea strainer:

    We know you're going to love adding a little bit of glamour to your daily cuppas, with these cute Amethyst & Rose Quartz crystal tea strainers.  Available in either a heart shape or point, you're going to love the fact that the:

    • colour
    • shape
    • size, &
    • opacity

    of every crystal different - making every single one of them not only gorgeous but also unique.

    Buying the digestive support bundle  as a gift?  Be sure to add a personalised Hand -written card!

    Save 15% with this Bundle

    Create the perfect ritual for a happy tummy:

    After eating, infuse 1 heaped teaspoon of tea in an crystal tea strainer in cup of freshly boiled water for 10 minutes, before straining to drink.

    Take your Digest essential oil blend and apply to your abdomen & massage in. You can also massage into the soles of the feet for ultimate relaxation.

    Snuggle up on the lounge, sip your tea, and relax (& let the tea & oils work their magic....)

    Peppermint tea: 100% organic peppermint

    Digest Essential oil Blend:
    Fractionated coconut oil*, lemon oil*,
    red mandarin oil*, rosemary oil*, peppermint oil*, spearmint oil*, cinnamon leaf oil*, ginger oil*

    * Organic.

    Coconut oil - a carrier oil that helps increase absorption of your essential oils.

    Lemon oil - traditionally used for digestive problems and to improve the acid / alkaline balance in the body. Also used to reduce sugar cravings

    Red Mandarin oil - used to reduce sugar cravings, support blood sugar balance, aid digestion and reduce stomach cramping

    Rosemary oil - used traditionally for blood sugar balance, and as an anti-inflammatory. May be used to support the body's detoxification processes (Some believe it might even help reduce cellulite!)

    Spearmint oil - used to relieve indigestion, painful gas & bloating, and to support digestion

    Peppermint oil - traditionally used to soothe indigestion & heartburn, and may also help reduce sugar cravings

    Cinnamon oil - Used to stabilize blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings, and reduce inflammation

    Ginger oil - Helpful in reducing feelings of nausea, ginger also aids digestion and reduces gas & bloating

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