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    Digest Essential Oil Blend

    Digestive Support Blend

    Essential Oil Blend | 10ml

    We know you hate the feeling of being sluggish, bloated, and uncomfortable every day.

    That's why we created this amazing blend of anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant rich essential oils that support digestion. 

    Used traditionally to improve digestion, reduce bloating, increase energy, and stabilise blood sugar levels; Digest essential oil blend will help you feel better in your skin than ever before (and what could be better than that?!). Apply to the abdomen for optimal support.

    Top notes of lemon & red mandarin with a base of cinnamon.

    Pure & potent:

    • 100% organic
    • Handcrafted in Australia
    • Cruelty-free
    • No added preservatives

    We love to pair our digest essential oil blend with a warm cup of Peppermint Tea, for the ultimate in tummy taming!

    Benefits of Digest essential oil blend:

    Lemon oil - traditionally used for digestive problems and to improve the acid / alkaline balance in the body. Also used to reduce sugar cravings

    Red Mandarin oil - used to reduce sugar cravings, support blood sugar balance, aid digestion and reduce stomach cramping

    Rosemary oil - used traditionally for blood sugar balance, and as an anti-inflammatory. May be used to support the body's detoxification processes (Some believe it might even help reduce cellulite!)

    Spearmint oil- used to relieve indigestion, painful gas & bloating, and to support digestion

    Peppermint oil - traditionally used to soothe indigestion & heartburn, and may also help reduce sugar cravings

    Cinnamon oil - Used to stabilize blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings, and reduce inflammation

    Ginger oil - Helpful in reducing feelings of nausea, ginger also aids digestion and reduces gas & bloating

    Apply to abdomen & wrists morning & night, or as needed.

    *For external use only*

    Team up with our Energise & Cleanse Teatox for increased detoxing & de-bloating benefit.

    *Lemon & red mandarin oil may cause photosensitivity, avoid direct sunlight*

    Fractionated coconut oil*, lemon oil*,
    red mandarin oil*, rosemary oil*, peppermint oil*, spearmint oil*, cinnamon leaf oil*, ginger oil*

    * Organic.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    What a beautiful scent!

    I didn't really know what to expect, it's quite hard to imagine a blend of essential oils but wow, it's beautiful. I've ordered the Digest roller together with the Energuse & Cleanse detox tea and love it. The scent is light and not overpowering, which I like. I had rollers from other brands before and sometimes ended up thinking 'what's that smell?' before realising what it was. But this SLIM blend is really lovely and the scent lingers softly on my skin.


    Oils are best stored out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place.

    Our Digest, Immune, Sleep & Mama oils are safe to use during pregnancy. 

    All our essential oil blends are safe to use whilst breastfeeding. 

    Don't apply these oils to areas that will be in direct sunlight for an extended period, as they may increase your risk of sunburn.

    Organic Immune essential oil blend for natural immune support by Glow Tea